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Investment Criteria

Our selection criteria for investment includes the following:

1. Recurring revenue business model

2. Mission critical products/services

3. Proprietary & scalable technologies

4. Potential to be market leaders (#1 or 2)

5. Established businesses with existing customers and revenues

Our focus is on emerging stage information technology companies that utilize on-line technologies in their business model.  We typically invest from $25,000 up to $500,000 with access to additional capital from leading venture capital firms, private equity organizations and other angels or angel groups.

Generally, we like to take a very active role in developing the company especially helping with the business model, corporate governance, recruiting, raising capital and general advisory and business consulting activities.  The fees we charge fior these services include some combination of cash and/or equity depending on the individual situation.

Geographic Focus

Our preference is for companies in 4 geographic regions of the U.S. - the southeast, the northeast including mid atlantic, the midwest and silicon valley.  We have completed investments in other areas of the U.S. depending on the opportunity.

Later Stage Opportunities

We like to offer our services to pre Ipo or pre sale companies that can utilize our expertise to prepare the company for the transaction.  Often this involves refining the business plan or model, recruiting key executives or investment bankers, and generally fine tuning the business prior to going to the market to insure a successful exit transaction.


We work closely with a number of venture partners and private equity firms.  Often we provide advisory and/or consulting services  for these firms  utilizing our many years of executive operating partner experience.  Since we tend to know what these firms are looking for in new investments, we can act as an intermediary between entrepreneurs and these firms providing a much needed matching of capital to opportunities.

Buy Out Opportunities

Some of our partners also participate in the buy out market, usually in mid market ($50 - 250M Ann Rev) and usually in under served areas of the U. S (between the right and left coasts).  If you have a corporate spin off or family owned business in the information technology area, please contact us to see if we can be of service.







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